Skipper Information



Every vessel is required to have a nominated skipper whose responsibility is the safety of his or her crew and that of other harbour users. You MUST read the Good Practice Guide on this website. It will take 10 minutes and you will be so much better informed and safer. You must carry a minimum of third party liability insurance. We strongly recommend that skippers access appropriate training schemes.


Key safety advice:

  • Always have an anchor you can deploy

  • Always have a means of communication, preferably a VHF radio

  • Never pass the Point on an ebb tide without a working means of mechanical propulsion

  • Be sure you and your crew can meet the conditions of the day

  • Never waterski without a minimum of one driver and one watch keeper

  • Know the recommended Royal Yachting Association safety and "rules of the road" advice (it is not mandatory to give way to sail in all circumstances!).

  • Let someone ashore know when you are expected to return

  • Always check weather and sea conditions and have appropriate clothing

  • Be very careful of wind over tide conditions particularly at the Bar, the Lower Harbour and the Point.

  • Use the helplines on this website for local advice.


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