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Please be aware that a 30ft yacht came adrift last week and it is possible that her mooring chain had been cut.  Please be vigilant, and email any suspicious behaviour to

Boatyard Theft

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Not quite the Christmas cheer(ful) news we would like to report at this time of the year. Thieves about sadly – this time an almost new tractor and front-end loader at Morston has been stolen. Sorry to say, but we need to be constantly vigilant. If there is anything that worries you please fill in…

Getting to the end of the Season Newsletter! – September 2017

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Even though there is the prospect of some  lovely days on the water still to be had, a sense of the beginning of autumn is inescapable. Of course our autumns can be fantastic! Wonderful colours, a new sense of quiet after the hurly-burly of the summer, and migratory birds leaving with the winter residents arriving…

Summer Newsletter

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Thanks to you 80 or so members who came to the AGM. We had a bit of a different format this year. Our activities have been split down into six working groups and each of the chairs of those groups had prepared a written report that was circulated to all members in advance, along with…

2017 AGM Agenda

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 7pm, 28th April 2017 at Blakeney Harbour Room, Blakeney 1. Chairman’s Welcome 2. Agenda 3. Apologies for absence 4. Trustee retiral. As required by the Constitution of the Blakeney Harbour Association Charity, two Trustees will retire. The Chairman, Jim Temple, and Charlie Ward, will retire and both will offer themselves for re-election…


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  And a very happy New Year to all. We seem to be bombarding you with Newsletters but as I said back in the Autumn there is just so much to say!! So let’s get straight on with it – and first and foremost I want to recognise and thank all those volunteers who are…


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SS Hjordis It had been a 10 minute walk from his lodgings in South Coates Lane that took Captain Jensen to Hull’s Alexandra Dock. The gale rattled loose window frames of cottages packed tightly in the narrow streets and behind him a roof tile crashed to the ground. He stood on the quayside in the…


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There is just so much going on with the Blakeney Harbour Association! Believe it or not, we can’t tell you everything in one newsletter! If we tried most people would fall asleep halfway through anyway! Therefore we’re going to have three issues between now and the New Year. I hope you don’t think that’s overkill.…

2016 Summer Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of BHA Summer meeting held in Blakeney Village Hall on Friday 26th August 2016 at 7pm     Welcome from the Chairman The BHA Chairman, Jim Temple, welcomed 62 members to the meeting and apologised for the change of venue which had resulted from Morston Village Hall having been double-booked.   Apologies for absence…


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It isn’t boating weather! There was ice on the road this morning, it’s blowing a houlie and the rain is coming down in stair rods. So the first thing is to put some some summer pictures in the newsletter. Hopefully that’s created the right mood to think about your Association? My family has lived and…