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Notice to Mariners 14th June 2018 – Blakeney Harbour Entrance Channel

Mariners entering Blakeney Harbour should note that three entrance channel buoys have been repositioned as follows: HARBOUR ENTRANCE STARBOARD NO. 4 Is now positioned: N 52° 58.777’ E 000° 57.530’ HARBOUR ENTRANCE PORT NO. 5 Is now positioned: N 52° 58.755’ E 000° 57.599’ CHANNEL MARKER PORT NO. 8 Is now positioned: N 52° 58.528’…


The HARBOUR ENTRANCE STARBOARD NO. 1 buoy has today be re-positioned as follows: N 52°  58.897′ E 000° 58.280 This is a lighted buoy: QG


The Blakeney Harbour entrance No. 1 buoy (N52° 58.893’. E 000° 58.221’) is currently off-station until further notice. Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should proceed with caution from the Blakeney Fairway buoy, leaving the HJORDIS isolated danger beacon (N 52° 59.018’. E 000° 58.144’) approx 500metres to the West and then head for the starboard hand…

Navigational Hazard Warning affecting Blakeney

The Blakeney Channel Coastal Community Team (BCCCT) is due to undertake a tidal velocity flow survey within the navigable channel at Blakeney as part of its ongoing work to analyse siltation and hydrology. There will be a marked obstruction placed at three locations along the channel from Bourns corner (Red House slipway) to the top…

Navigation Warning November 16th 2017

The HJORDIS EAST buoy at the entrance to Blakeney Harbour is off-station until further notice.  Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should enter the harbour with caution, leaving the HJORDIS isolated danger beacon at least 200 metres to starboard, then pass the Harbour Entrance buoy No.1 close to starboard.

Navigation Warning October 20th 2017

Entrance to Morston Creek – The port hand lit buoy, and beacon, have been removed from the North end of Morston Creek. A new port hand beacon, with light at top (programmed QR(1s)) has been erected to mark the entrance to Morston Creek, in position N 52 degrees 57.973′, E 000 degrees 59.197′

Navigation Warning October 19th 2017

The following buoys have been re-positioned as follows: HARBOUR ENTRANCE STARBOARD NO.1 N 52 degrees 58.893′, E 000 degrees 58.221′ and CHANNEL MARKER PORT NO.8 N 52 degrees 58.480′, E 000 degrees 57.297′

Navigation Warning 29th May 2017

The Channel Entrance buoys and lights marking the entrance to Blakeney Harbour have been re-numbered and re-positioned as follows: CHANNEL ENTRANCE STARBOARD NO:1 Lighted buoy QG/conical G. Marked 1, position: N52 degrees 58.944’ and E000 degrees 58.235’

Navigation Warning 25th May 2017

The Blakeney Fairway Buoy (safe water buoy) has been re-positioned today. It’s location is now as follows: N52 degrees 59.225’, E000 degrees 58.526’

Navigation Warning 1st April 2017

The Hjordis East buoy has today been put back on station. Vessels should note the position of the buoy is now slightly further East than previously, still marking the East end of the Hjordis wreck, but also the East end of a new sand bank developing to the West of the harbour entrance. The position…


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