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Blakeney Dinghy Park Committee.

Proof that if it needs doing then do it yourself!   In years past, at the end of the season Blakeney Dinghy Park could only be described as a mess.

A team of volunteers from the Dinghy Park Management Committee and the Blakeney Sailing Club would routinely clear away numerous old boats as well as a couple of trailer loads of rubbish and old trolleys, you name it.

Working as a committee of the Parish Council, new rules were brought in and things are a lot better these days. The annual clear up now produces very few boats and only a small trailer load of rubbish. 80% of the area is now equipped with holding down chains, thus doing away with the multitude of stakes that were left to trip over and cut peoples ankles.

Better rules we may have, but there is no room for complacency and fair and firm enforcement is necessary to stop slipping backwards.

Contact Blakeney Parish Clerk on 01263 741106  or clerk@blakeneyparishcouncil.co.uk


Cley Harbour Project

Cley parish council first applied for planning permission to dredge the old harbour back in 2011. Planning permission was finally granted in 2014. It took so long due to the almost insurmountable restrictions of this very protected coastline.

Consultation with many conservation and environmental bodies took huge amounts of time and effort by a relatively small parish council with a tiny precept.

The plan was to dredge the east bank of the river up to the original quay headings for a distance of 220 metres. It extends from Beau Rivage to Cley Windmill. New quay headings and slipway will be piled. The main object of the dredging is to increase the width of the harbour from at present 4 metres to approx 10 metres. Phase 1 of the works are now complete allowing good mooring for local boats and visitors alike.

Many thanks to the numerous working parties that have made all this possible.  The working parties aim is to keep the reed growth at bay along the sides of the river allowing sailing boats free access. Also the old moorings have been cleared and the slipway is dredged to uncover it from several years of silting.

Whilst working in close liaison with the Parish Council, the project now has its own committee and finances and exciting plans are afoot to continue improvements with the support of the Environment Agency.

All donations gratefully received.

Greatly improved accessibility at Cley
Greatly improved accessibility at Cley