Living with seals

Firstly, seals don't like kayaks and canoes. The seal mistakes a kayak or a canoe for a predator, possibly a killer whale, and this spooks them. In summer, it's particularly important to stay well clear as the seals are pupping.

Secondly, as one of the things the Association does is to work with other groups, one of these recently asked us to highlight an issue that you might not have thought of: how flying rings - think 'frisbee with a hole' - can harm growing seal pups.

Friends Of Horsey Seals tell us, "Seals are being spotted with flying rings stuck around their necks. It seems that younger seals find these flying rings in the sea where they have been thrown or lost and, being inquisitive animals, they play with them and put their heads through the hole.

The seals can’t get the flying ring off as they have flippers rather than arms like ours. As the young seals grow the rings dig into their flesh causing painful wounds that can be fatal."

So, if you do have a flying ring, please don't throw it into the sea, and make sure you take it home with you or, at least, make sure you keep it well up the beach.

We're happy to highlight their awareness campaign - see below - and hope you can help us to keep Blakeney seals safe too.

Thank you,

The BHA team.

Showing how dangerous, and sometimes fatal, flying rings can be to inquisitive, growing seal pups. Image courtesy of BBC.

August 30th - Update - Jenny Hobson has updated us on the success of their campaign. Find out more here.

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