Combat Theft

Thefts from Morston

A minimum of three outboard engines were stolen from Morston late on Wednesday 14th or on the morning of Thursday 15th August. It’s thought this was carried out by a criminal gang with a van and possibly two cars.  The gang visited Burnham Overy and Wells on the same night. Please check whether you have had…

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More thefts from boats – Morston Creek.

We have received the following from Sgt. Jason Pegden today: There has been a further theft overnight on 9th/10th May when a set of Honda outboard controls were stolen from a boat moored in the creek at Morston. We will be stepping up the patrols to the area and officers will walk up along to…

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Thefts from Cley beach and Morston Quay.

Virtual boatwatch update – Tuesday, May 7th2019 – 12:44 PM There have been some thefts from Cley-Next-The-Sea beach and Morston Quay overnight – some batteries, a control box and GPS equipment have been stolen from the beach and Morston Quay. We haven’t heard any reports so far from Blakeney Quay. We would urge all members…

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Suspicious activity.

Saturday/Sunday, March 2nd/3rd: We’ve been told by our very helpful local police that there was a report of a suspicious transit poking about the parked up vessels on the quay.  Jim Temple was aware of it, it was suspicious behaviour and there were links to Marine crime. Please be vigilant. If you spot anything suspicious…

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Be Extra Vigilant !

We’ve been told by our very helpful local police that there have been a number of suspicious Transit vans visiting the area.  They are interested both in boats, including those in boatyards, and engines of course. There a number of outboards still on vessels. The police strongly advise owners take these engines home as they…

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A RESULT !   The Police apprehended two suspects early on Saturday morning after they had been disturbed attempting to steal engines. They left one behind and the second was recovered later.   Very many thanks for the quick action by a photographer who was taking night pictures and who called the Police.   Great…

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Theft at Morston Quay – Update

We have an update on the Castons rib and contents stolen from Morston quay on Sunday. A member of the public contacted the police to report the boat being taken at around 2130hrs on Sunday night. The witness said the vehicle used was a silver 4×4 pickup with a partial licence plate PK08, but could not…

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Theft at Morston

A Castons rib and contents were stolen from Morston quay on Sunday.  When the owner returned on Monday it had gone along with the contents, a windsurfer and donut. The trailer was not roadworthy so it may not have got very far. Be extra vigilant at this busy time of year and report anything suspicious immediately please. Please keep a…

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Stolen Locks & Tie Down Ropes

Not such good news – pilfered from both the Blakeney Sailing Club and Rowing Club; Padlocks, ties and bits and pieces gone missing. Sounds like something more serious might have been in the planning? We will share this sort of information just as quickly as we can so all can be as prepared as possible. Especially this…

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Boatyard Theft

Not quite the Christmas cheer(ful) news we would like to report at this time of the year. Thieves about sadly – this time an almost new tractor and front-end loader at Morston has been stolen. Sorry to say, but we need to be constantly vigilant. If there is anything that worries you please fill in…

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