An important part of the BHA’s work, in conjunction with Trinity House, is to maintain and improve the Harbour Buoyage.



A Guide to the Cley Channel (as at May 18)

The Cley channel is marked with a series of sponsored red, port hand, and green, starboard hand, buoys along with a series of withys some of which have red and green flags. The buoys mark the deepest part of the channel and the withys generally mark steep ledges. The channel is checked regularly at low and high tide and buoys/withys moved as required. An inspection was carried out in April 18 and the position of some of the buoys, notably along the North Channel approach (near racing buoys 4 and 5), have been adjusted as a result. The start of the channel can be safely approached from Morston and Blakeney. Both approaches are marked with port hand buoys which lead you to the start of the channel near the yellow racing buoy No 6 and Welsh’s port hand buoy.

Approach from Blakeney

The approach from Blakeney starts at the first red buoy, Stiffkey Red Lion, which is near the large catamaran called Silver Fox. Head north towards the Watch house and Racing buoy No 6. passing close to red buoys, Tigger and Welsh’s buoy. At Welsh’s buoy the starboard side of the channel is marked by the green buoy Jonathan Freegard Architects ( it shallows quite quickly to the east of this buoy). See diagram below.

Cley Channel – Approach from Blakeney

Approach from Morston

The approach from Morston starts near yellow racing buoy No 5 and the first red buoy called the Flower Family then passing red buoys DIMS, Howden, Gresham’s, Ali, Athill and Welsh’s buoy.

Cley Channel

The start of the channel is in the area of the watch house is quite wide.  Look out for the port hand buoys and a few withys on the starboard side one of which is marked with a green flag. From Welsh’s buoy follow the reds Nelly and Bill, Five Kendalls and noting the green Peter Watson buoy to starboard. See diagram below.

Start of the Cley Channel

The buoys show the deepest part of the channel. After Five Kedalls look for the following reds; Oscar, Grand Slam and Metcalfe. It then switches to a series of greens starting with Ella, Savorys, Hills Home Supplies and Lucy. Next there is a red, Beeston Hall School, and then onto 5 more greens; Tom Archer, Gordon Goodwin, MM, Marjorie Threfall and finally Hippo. After Hippo the channel narrows. Follow it until you reach a T junction on which there is a withy which should be left to port. It marks the start of the very obvious small channel which wends its way to Cley, the Windmill is a good guide. Just beyond the large sluice gates you will find the small, welcoming, newly restored Cley harbour which can take boats up to 20 feet.



A new illuminated buoy has been sited at the mouth of Morston Creek as well as a depth marker and speed limit indicator on the South Side Sands (South of the old lifeboat House). We have buoyed Pinchens Creek as well.