Firstly let’s allow ourselves a little self congratulation. We signed up a hundred and sixteen new members in 2015, that makes a total of three hundred and twenty seven! Not bad going.

The old Blakeney Harbour Boatman’s Association successfully converted to a charity, the Blakeney Harbour Association. That means the Charity Commissioners recognise the community value of the work that BHA does. It also means that each £25 subscription is now worth over £31 to BHA!

A board of Trustees have been appointed pending approval by members at the AGM.

New buoyage has been successfully laid in the outer harbour and the pit so there is now a well illuminated route in from sea, well into the shelter of the harbour.

Both Cley and Blakeney channels were buoyed this year too.

Working with the National Trust the abandoned yacht Petronella was recovered from the sea wall between Blakeney and Morston ( no easy logistical job ) and a very unsightly and unused motor vessel alongside Blakeney quay was bought and sold for scrap.

We have a very good relationship with the police and that together with a heightened awareness by members to suspicious behaviour has led to the lowest level of crime in the harbour for many years.

Two notice boards have been built by John Walton, one at Morston, where there is also an anemometer ( thanks to the Cockle Club and National Trust ), and one at Blakeney. Both have tide and weather information which is updated regularly during the season.

Hannah Kelsey has built BHA’s Twitter and Facebook audiences to over 300.

The BHA website was launched where a comprehensive data base for the harbour is being built up.

We successfully applied for a FLAG grant of £14,546 and are negotiating a settlement of the Feilden legacy.


Well certainly no less ambitious than this year!

All the new buoyage  will need checking and maintaining

Hercules who does the buoyage!

A new illuminated buoy is planned for the mouth of Morston Creek as well as  a depth marker and speed limit indicator on the South Side Sands.

We intend buoying Pinchens Creek as well laying and rolling new aggregate to both slipways at Morston.

We will continue to  remove wreckage from the harbour where it poses a hazard to navigation, and work with the National Trust to remove abandoned vessels and wrecked dinghies and general rubbish. . BHA and NT will shortly be removing the wrecked yacht ‘Falcon’ from the marshes West of the Watch House and are working on plans to try and move, and probably scrap, the steel barge on the marsh at the North end of Blakeney New Cut.

Some of you will remember seeing North Norfolk District Council Harbour wardens out on the water in years past. These were very valuable in maintaining best practice and safety and so we intend, working with NNDC and the National Trust, to reintroduce them.

“Project Video” is getting started in 2016. We plan to make short videos that can be accessed on “you tube” and the website to provide advice on launching, mooring and entry to the Harbour.

We are introducing a dedicated help line.

We will work with Imray, Reeds, Admiralty Charts, Trinity House and the various Pilot Book publications to make sure they have the most up to date information.

Over 100 people attended the BBQ in September and more social events are planned including boating away days ( involving a few nights in the pub for planning purposes!!).

We are keen to recruit volunteers to help with buoyage and maintenance, litter picking and removing hazards. We are also looking for a few skills- is there anyone who can help us write a risk assessment and put together a health and safety file, who can help make videos, can do the accounts, is good at putting social events together? Is there a “history of Blakeney Harbour” that someone has or could help us write? Have we got a member who’s an insurance expert?

Morston Regatta August 6th 2016
Boating away day planning 7pm The Anchor Morston Weds Feb 3rd 2016.
Cley Harbour Project fundraiser December 21st. Details and Raffle tickets available from Picnic Fayre.
AGM. The 2016 AGM will be held in the Blakeney Harbour Room on April the 15th.  This year we shall be inviting those groups who use the Harbour and who are involved in its administration to exhibit what they do. The AGM will therefor open at 6pm. Formal business will commence at 7pm and the bar will remain open after the meeting has concluded.


Jim Temple, Chair

Joanie McKee, Recruitment Officer
Neil Thompson, Environment Officer
Charlie Ward, Secretary
Helen Ward, Treasurer

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