It isn’t boating weather! There was ice on the road this morning, it’s blowing a houlie and the rain is coming down in stair rods.

So the first thing is to put some some summer pictures in the newsletter.

Hopefully that’s created the right mood to think about your Association?

My family has lived and worked in and around Morston for more than 120 years. In my lifetime I have seen big changes. In the old black and white photos of more than fifty years ago you can see a handful of boats, today BHA has counted over a thousand in the harbour.

I and my co-trustees know that that sort of pressure must bring some changes but at the same time we passionately believe in preserving the unique environment and natural history of the harbour.  We believe that the way to secure the future of this special place is through the committed hard work and skills of the people who care for it- those who use it.

We have set a target of 500 BHA members and we really think that is achievable. We believe that a membership that allows the people who use the Harbour to decide how it’s run is vital.

And as well as having your say members can also enjoy volunteering for the important work that BHA carries out.

Enjoy this newsletter, have a really good Xmas and see you at the AGM.

Jim Temple
Chair of the Trustees
Blakeney Harbour Association.