2017 AGM Agenda

7pm, 28th April 2017 at Blakeney Harbour Room, Blakeney

1. Chairman’s Welcome
2. Agenda
3. Apologies for absence
4. Trustee retiral. As required by the Constitution of the Blakeney Harbour Association Charity, two Trustees will retire. The Chairman, Jim Temple, and Charlie Ward, will retire and both will offer themselves for re-election
5. Trustee re-election of Jim Temple and Charlie Ward
6. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM of 15 April 2016*
7. Matters arising not dealt with in the Agenda
8. Resolutions to amend the Charity’s Constitution. Members will be asked to:
i) increase the overall number of Trustees from five to eight
ii) increase the number of “Professional Trustees” ** from three to five
iii) approve the resolution “members aged 17 or under who have joined as Family Members *** will not be eligible to vote”. An individual member of any age will remain eligible to vote.
iv) approve an amendment to the Charity’s Objects whereby “maintain, improve, protect and conserve Blakeney Harbour for the benefit of the public including all users of the Harbour and the communities of Blakeney and Morston” and “Advance education through the provision of advice and information to the users of Blakeney Harbour and the communities of Blakeney and Morston and its surrounding areas” are in both cases amended to include Cley and Stiffkey
9. Receive the BHA Report and Accounts*
10. Questions arising
11. Resolution to accept the Report and Accounts
12. Audit Committee and Treasurers Report*
13. Buoyage and Harbour Maintenance Committee Report*
14. Environment Committee Report*
15. Membership and Fundraising Committee Report*
16. Questions
17. AOB
18. Confirmation of Trustee appointments made since previous AGM – Tom Harrison & Greg Cooper

* Denotes appendices
** a Professional Trustee is defined as a Charity Trustee who earns all or part of their living from Blakeney Harbour
*** Family Membership consists of two adults and children aged 17 or under

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